La Contino pianofortiborn from the many years of experience of artisan technicians, today is certainly the only Sicilian company capable of offering everything a pianist could need. He provides services for private individuals, conservatories and opera companies. Leader in Sicily for its concert service, thanks to the competence and the possibility of a large number of concert pianos, it stands out for the love and scrupulous care of its instruments.

The need for a good pianist to have an instrument that reflects their desires in touch and timbre represents our passion and dedication.

Being part of theAIARP nonchè della Yamaha Piano Technicians Guilg (Associazione Europea Tecnici Pianoforti Yamaha), qualifica conseguita in seguito alla formazione presso il P.T.A (Piano Technical Accademy) di Kakegawa, Giappone, ci pregiamo essere i tecnici ufficiali del Teatro Massimo Bellini di Catania.